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Nutrition Facts / Valeur nutritive



% Daily Value

% Valeur quotidienne

Calories / 227

Fat / Lipides / 8.7g

Saturated / Satur├ęs / 4.3g

Carbohydrate / Glucides / 14.9g

Fibre / Fibres / 12.1g

Sugars / Sucres / 2.5g

Protein / Proteine / 20g

Battle Bites Red Velvet

Decadent red velvet and soft gooey middle layer of chocolate caramel

Battle Bites Red Velvet features two vanilla-flavoured white chocolate pieces, with a decadent red velvet center, and soft gooey middle layer of chocolate caramel.  You won't believe this Red Velvet treat is only 3g sugar whilst providing 20g protein.


Battle Bites are high protein, low sugar, guilt free triple layered indulgent chocolate snack. Battle Bites are a convenient way to consume additional protein throughout the day without adding
unwanted sugar.


110 kcals per bite
Low sugar – 1.5g per bite
Covered in a low sugar milk chocolate
2x protein bites per bar, great for sharing and portion control.
GMO Free
Made in the UK

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